Continuities & variation

A celebration of fourteen years
of an improvisation workshop

As Alike As Trees




Cafe OTO
18–22 Ashwin street
Dalston, London, E8 3DL


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Download the catalogue

Download the festival catalogue.


4 event combined pass: £20 adv.

Evening concert ONLY combined
pass: £15 adv.

Saturday 12th October 2013

Afternoon 3pm –
Cafe Oto Project Space. £3

Open workshop convened by
Eddie Prévost.

This workshop is intended for individuals who have not previously attended Eddie's Friday evening improvisation workshop in London, and who have pre-booked for this event. The session will be followed by a discussion on improvisation, which is open for anyone interested to attend.


Evening 8pm –
Cafe Oto. £8 adv / £10 on the door

Pascal Battus – electronics, Sebastian Lexer – piano+
and Tom Wheatley – double bass

A unique first time meeting between Tom Wheatley, one of the workshops younger emerging cadre, Frenchman Pascal Battus and long-standing workshop attendee, Sebastian Lexer.

Marjolaine Charbin – piano
and Iris Ederer – voice

A duo from two of the workshop's notable current participants, who have taken residence in London from their respective homes in France and Austria.

Jennifer Allum – violin and
Ute Kanngiesser – cello with
AMM (John Tilbury – piano
and Eddie Prévost – percussion)

A unique blend of the old and the new; AMM in tandem with the duo of Allum and Kanngiesser. This event will consist of separate musical performances that will gradually converge. Allum and Kanngiesser have recently released Bell Tower Recordings on Matchless Recordings.


Sunday 13th October 2013

Afternoon 3pm –
Cafe Oto Project Space. £5

Workshop concert convened by Seymour Wright – alto saxophone,
Daniel Kordik – electronics, James O'Sullivan – electric guitar, Visa Kuoppala – electronics,
John Garcia – guitar,
Paul Abbott – percussion / electronics, Ricardo Tejero – tenor saxophone
and Philip Clark – piano

This is a rare opportunity for listeners to observe a workshop searching for sounds session in practice.

Evening 8pm –
Cafe Oto. £8 adv / £10 on the door

Atmospheric Disturbance:
Nat Catchpole, Rachel Musson, Susan Lynch, Ricardo Tejero, David O'Connor – saxophones,
Hutch Demouilpied – trumpets,
Ed Lucas – trombone,
Ross Lambert – guitar,
Philip Somervell – piano,
Tom Wheatley – double bass
and Eddie Prévost – drums

An offshoot of workshop practitioners applying the workshop practice to some
of the history and conventions of jazz.

Ross Lambert – guitar

A long overdue public solo by one of, if
not the, longest serving members of the workshop community.

Fréderic Blondy – piano,
Bertrand Denzler – tenor saxophone,
Jean-Luc Guionnet – alto saxophone,
Jean-Sébastien Mariage – guitar
and Edward Perraud – percussion

A rare London performance by friends
and a much admired ensemble from France. Hubbub have three CDs on Matchless Recordings and have all, at various times, joined the London workshop sessions.